About Us

Who is FinisTerre and what do we do?

Who We Are

Finisterre Vision is truly a parachurch ministry. We come alongside local churches to assist them in sending their qualified missionaries to the ends of the earth…specifically, to the unreached people groups of the Finisterre Mountains of Papua New Guinea. We exist to equip and train these missionaries before they go, as well as to provide in-country logistical support once they are on the field.


The Need

This corner of the world is very diverse linguistically and in great need of the Scriptures in their own languages, the gospel, and the church.

The Finisterre mountain range in Papua New Guinea has approximately seventy different language groups. Nearly all of them do not have their language in written form which means they do not have the Bible in their language. Therefore, they have not been able to hear or read how the Scriptures unfold the good news of Jesus Christ, crucified for forgiveness of sins. All of this means, of course, that a church solidly established on the Scriptures does not exist among these language groups.


The Goal

Our goal is see the Great Commission of Jesus Christ carried out to the ends of the earth; to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and plant God-glorifying churches that are self governing and self-propagating.


The Means

God’s choice instrument to accomplish this goal is the local church. It is the church’s responsibility to raise up qualified missionary church planters to take the gospel to the ends of the earth.


The Big Picture

Once in Papua New Guinea, the goal for each missionary team is to survey and select a tribe, learn its language and culture, and develop an alphabet. The tribe is taught to be literate in their language with the aim of being receiving the gospel message taught chronologically through the Bible–from Genesis to Revelation.

A translation of the Bible in their language follows as those who believe Jesus Christ are gathered into a fledgling church. In time, as the church is established and qualified elder leadership is raised up, the missionaries begin to phase out and the indigenous church takes over the Great Commission to the tribes around them.