Our Team

Scott Maxwell

I didn’t grow up in a Christian home and was drowning in the guilt of my sin without any hope. A friend of mine was burdened to get me into the hearing of the gospel. At nineteen years of age, it was a joy and relief to trust in Christ alone for forgiveness of sin! Kim and I have been married for over thirty years, have three grown children, and are enjoying this season of life that God has us in. Grace Bible Church in Tempe, AZ has been our home church in which we have served for almost twenty years. This faithful body of Christ has loved us well!

Scott’s Role

In Scott’s role as President, he provides overall leadership and direction for FinisTerre as it helps churches send their missionaries. He recruits like-minded churches and their missionaries for church planting, as well as engages in fundraising and missionary training!

Jeremy Lehman

Growing up as a pastor’s kid was a privilege that many do not get to experience. I was able to see firsthand what it was to sacrificially love people and serve the body of Christ. The Lord used that biblical worldview to lead me to saving faith in my early twenties. My wife, Lorie, and I have been married for eighteen years, with three children currently spanning elementary to high school. We had the privilege of serving overseas in Papua New Guinea from 2014 to 2020. The Lord has made Grace Bible Church in Tempe, AZ our home church for over a decade. It has been a privilege to both serve and be served by this sweet church body.

Jeremy’s Role

In Jeremy’s role as Chief Operations Officer (COO), he provides oversight and direction to the operations of FinisTerre. He ensures that finances, facilities, and logistics run smoothly, as well as interacting with the sending churches of missionaries and training missionaries along with his wife, Lorie.

Cameron Dodd

Although I grew up hearing the gospel in a Christian home, I didn’t ever truly understand repentance. At 20 years old, I heard the good news again and God opened my heart to hear it. Aware of how I had been living, this was the first time I believed I deserved God’s wrath, looked at how Jesus had borne it in my place to save me, and loved Him! I’ve been at Grace Bible Church since 2004 and had the privilege of being sent out by them as missionaries to Papua New Guinea before an unexpected diagnosis brought my family back to the US and my husband home to the Lord. I reside in Arizona, have four kids, and am so thankful for the privilege to know God and make Him known–first to my own children and all the way to the ends of the earth!

Cameron’s Role

In Cameron’s role as Communications Manager, she oversees the writing and editing of both internal and external communications, as well as creating content for the organization.

Amber Baum

I grew up with irregular church attendance, mainly going on Christmas and Easter. Following a car accident and through a series of perfect, providential events, I began to read Matthew. The Lord showed me my wicked heart and desperate need for His forgiveness for my sins through Jesus Christ’s atoning work on the cross. Softening my heart with His Word, He brought me to the end of myself, and to Himself in repentance later that same year, at only 19 years old. At 24, I married my husband, Nolan, at the place where we first met – GCC in Sun Valley. We’ve been enjoying cultivating our marriage and serving the Lord as a couple for over 8 years. We moved to Arizona around 2020 and began plugging into Grace Bible Church that same year, becoming members in 2021.

Amber’s Role

In Amber’s role as Administrative Assistant, she provides support to the rest of the FinisTerre team, helping to alleviate a variety of tasks. Her primary focus is supporting the missionaries by overseeing the donations, ensuring all expenses and bills are recorded for payments, and other bookkeeping assistance to ensure proper compliance as an organization.